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My Best and Worst Children's TV

Children's TV can be tedious at times. There are some programmes I have watched over the past 3 years that have literally made my blood boil! Usually these have been the ones my son has grown so fond of...lucky me! Others are great educationally or just really easy to watch! Here are some of my best and worst children's TV... Lets start with Little Baby Bum , with its endless variations of the same songs over and over. Within 10 minutes of watching it, you will want to turn it off. Just watching one episode is unbearable and wishing it to end doesn't make the time go any quicker unfortunately! For some reason, Little Baby Bum is the only thing I can put on the TV to calm O down, even now. If he is mega grumpy and has had a huge tantrum, Baby Bum fixes everything. If O is knackered, but wont sleep, I put Little Baby Bum on to keep him still and not waste anymore energy. So as much as I do hate it, it does come in very handy. It also really helped O learn numbers, which I kno

Advent Calendars Kid Edition

Back in the day when I was a child, there were only 2 types of advent calendar and we usually had both in our house every year. The advent calendar with a single piece of chocolate for each day, always Dairy milk chocolate was one and the other was a more biblical kind, with a nativity scene and windows with pictures. Since then, advent calendars have rapidly grown more sophisticated and exciting for little ones o help get into the Christmas spirit!  Here are some of the best kids advent calendars on the market at the moment, the options are endless and this wont event cover half of what is out there, but will hopefully give you an idea or two for your little ones. Or if your a big kid at heart, some might appeal to you too!  Story Book Advent Calendars There are a few of these on the market with different price tags, so wanted to show you a few options: - My Mini Storybook Advent Calendar| The Works |£10 - The Christmas 24 Book Advent Collection| The Works |£24 - Mr Men and Little Mis

World Mental Health Day 2020

Unfortunately we live in a world where if you have something visibly wrong with you, you get all the sympathy. People care and are willing to do anything to help.  But if you tell people you are depressed, nobody knows how to react and people run away from having to deal with a scenario they are not used too. I think most people have suffered with mental health one way or another in their lifetime, even if they don’t know it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but unfortunately stigma surrounding mental health is still common. I may not be a physical friend to you or even a friend at all, but if you are reading this and just need to talk to someone, I am always here. If you are feeling lost, lonely, finding life tough, just remember talking about it is always better than keeping it inside and trying to ignore it.  While stigma continues to exist, it can be eliminated with more education around it and awareness of the different mental illnesses that are out there. To help gain a better

Baby Loss Awareness Week: Guest Post with Booberrit’s Naomi

Baby Loss Awareness Week, which takes place from 9th - 15th October aims to raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss in the UK. We are joined by Booberrit's Naomi who has been kind enough to share her story with us.  * TRIGGER WARNING* OUR STORY For us it was late September when what started as spotting (at work) ended in a week of harrowing physical and emotional pain (in hospital) which turned us from ‘parents to be’ (with hopes and dreams ) into a statistic. In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss during pregnancy or birth. Around this time each year I take a long walk to watch the leaves fall and reflect. There’s something both beautiful and reassuring about the falling autumnal leaves. Trees endure losing everything through the bitter cold of winter, because they know Spring is just around the corner. CHANGES My miscarriage was 5 years ago now. At that time awareness and support for baby loss were lacking. In fact, because of the mental a

My Glossybox Subscription

When I first became a Mum, the idea of treating myself with lavish gifts didn't seem too important or quite necessary, considering the circumstances. You aren't exactly feeling your best and don't really fancy dolling yourself up to hang around the house feeding all day!  I remember quite early on, my Husband found an article about subscription boxes , with options for every target market and that's when I first heard about Glossybox . I don't think I was too bothered at the time, but he ordered me one anyway and I’ve received one every month ever since and think they are great. So much so, I thought I would show you the latest box to give you an idea of what you get for your money. The monthly subscription that we have is £13.25 a month and is huge value for money, especially as one full sized beauty product could cost that amount or more, depending on brand and quality. But I think if you sign up to 12 months, which we might as well be doing, you actually get it

Egg Box Treasure Chest For Kids

During lockdown I have constantly been trying to find new stuff to keep O busy at home. He doesn't stop all day, hasn't taken regular naps since he was 1.5 years old and he is constantly wanting to start something new! So I definitely have my work cut out, that's for sure!  A few months ago I made an egg box treasure chest that I shared on Instagram and it was a big hit with O and our followers! We have used it again and again for so many different activities, so I thought I would share how easy it was to make! What you will need: - Egg Box - Brown Paint - Gold Card - Mirrored/Glittery Card or 3D Gems - Glue How to make it: Start by painting the egg box brown and let it dry. Cut out some gold strips of card and add to the lid of the box, along with the mirrored card, cut into gem shapes. Alternatively, you could use glittery card or 3D gem stickers which would look even cooler!  I bought a very cute pirate pouch and gem set from amazon , which comes with a pirate pouch, ge

Things To Do Whilst Your Baby Naps

What we should be doing when our babies nap in comparison to what we actually end up doing is entirely different! We don’t use the time wisely and before you know it, they have woken up again.  Here are some ideas of things to do whilst your baby naps: -  Make a hot drink and actually finish it! Chances are it will be your only time to do it all day, so make the most of it! - Paint your nails. Before having kids, painting my nails was my therapy and now I am a parent I don’t do it half as often as I should. Plus, it just makes you feel 100x better when your nails are on fleek. - Create a  Pinterest  account and start pinning! You can find the best ideas and inspiration from  Pinterest , my account hasn’t seen much action recently, but I hope to change that soon! - Start a blog. If you’ve always loved writing, or noted down stories or ideas in a notebook, starting a blog might be good for you. - Don’t spend the whole time wondering how long they will sleep for.  The time will run aw

5 Lessons I've Learnt In My 20's

I turn 30 next week and the closer it gets, the more I find myself reflecting on my 20’s. For me, it’s been the decade where I grew up and did all the things that count for being what some might call a ‘proper adult’. I found a career I like to think I excelled at, well two actually if you count Motherhood! I got married, I had a child, I became a home owner and a dog owner as well. I wonder what comes next? Whilst my list of happy memories is endless, there were of course some very rough rides too. But I believe the bad times always make you stronger. So, after a few hours of reminiscing, here are 5 lessons I’ve learnt in my 20’s that I wanted to share… 1. Don’t rush. You have all the time in the world to do the big things, there shouldn’t be any deadline to get stuff done. Putting pressure on yourself is not good for your mental health and can make you lose the person you really are. You are enough. When you want to achieve something, do it in your own time, not just because someone

Getting Into The Mum Groove

Becoming a Mum can be overwhelming, scary, traumatic and so much more. I wanted to shed some light into best ways of getting into the Mum groove that I found to be either really helpful at the time for me, or thinking back would have been great advice I would have happily taken. Because let’s face it, we can’t get everything right the first time can we… Don’t worry about keeping the house tidy. I think women put too much pressure on themselves to keep the house clean, just because they are off work with a newborn. The newborn stage goes far quicker than you will ever imagine and you will never get the time back, so make the most of it. That washing load can wait until tomorrow, as long as you have enough vests and sleepsuits to tide you over until then! Haven’t made the bed yet? Don’t worry about it, in fact, jump back in and have a snuggle with your baby! If of course you are super tidy anyway and cannot standing being around mess, this probably won’t apply to you. But ultimately

Sweater Weather!

I would be totally lying if I told you I didn’t get inspiration for today’s post from Lisa over at Hollybobbs and her latest Sweater Weather Reel! She has quite the collection of jumpers and I’ve been dreaming up a bit of a wish list in my head of some of the nicest and most snuggly jumpers available on the High Street.  So here are my Sweater Weather top picks! Because let’s face it, you can never have too many jumpers! From left to right we have... Pure Cotton Printed Crew Neck in Ivory Mix| Marks and Spencer |£25 Khaki Slouchy Roll Neck| New Look |£22.99 Leopard Colour Block Sweat| Boohoo |£17.60 Hotdog Miranda Knitted| Joules |£59.95 From left to right we have... Colourblock Drawstring Hooded Teddy| Shein |£12.99 Pink Oversized Colour Block| Pretty Little Thing |£18 Grey Cable-knit| H&M |£29.99 Ziggy Metallic Gold Lightning Bolt| Joanie |£45 What one is your favourite? Now to convince the Husband to treat me to a few for my birthday in a couple of weeks’ time! Love Sop

6 Must Watch Series for Mums

I have got through my fair share of series since becoming a Mum. A lot of them have been cheesy crap from the 90’s, because let’s face it, concentration spans reduce massively when you’ve got a little one to keep alive! But I have also had a chance to watch some great series, ones that I have totally been able to relate to from one time or another and that is what great TV is all about right?  So here are my top 6 must watch series for Mums: 1.   Girls|6 Series|Prime Video So, out of all the series mentioned in this post, this one doesn’t feature Mums as main characters, but is a great series, full of dark humour with raw and real story lines. It takes you on a journey of a group of friends in their 20’s, faced with the usual difficult choices adulthood brings. In my opinion it’s a modern-day indie version of Sex and The City. It made me laugh continuously, with some real shock factor moments and also brought on a few tears too. You will fall in love with Lena (the main character),

It's Blogtober Baby

Only I would start a blog the day before Blogtober! I've been meaning to give blogging a go for a while now and after hearing about it from some lovely blogger friends I've met online, I thought I would take the plunge, throw myself into the deep end and see if it's for me. And what better way to start than with Blogtober... For anyone who hasn't heard of or taken part in Blogtober before, its ultimately a challenge for bloggers to publish a blog post every single day during the month of October. There are no strict rules on topics to cover, its just there to encourage more writing and creativity.  Some people like to map out what each days blog post will cover before hand, others publish their topic lists on their Day One post, but I will be winging it. I have a few ideas, but haven't actually written anything in advance, giving myself an even bigger challenge, but hey, that's what makes it fun right!  Love Sophie, MMC x