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My Glossybox Subscription

When I first became a Mum, the idea of treating myself with lavish gifts didn't seem too important or quite necessary, considering the circumstances. You aren't exactly feeling your best and don't really fancy dolling yourself up to hang around the house feeding all day! 

I remember quite early on, my Husband found an article about subscription boxes, with options for every target market and that's when I first heard about Glossybox. I don't think I was too bothered at the time, but he ordered me one anyway and I’ve received one every month ever since and think they are great. So much so, I thought I would show you the latest box to give you an idea of what you get for your money.

The monthly subscription that we have is £13.25 a month and is huge value for money, especially as one full sized beauty product could cost that amount or more, depending on brand and quality. But I think if you sign up to 12 months, which we might as well be doing, you actually get it a little cheaper at £11.75. Octobers box (this one) is still available to purchase if you like the look of its contents! By using MAGIC you can get it for £11, although I am not sure how long this code is valid, so do check online first.
Glossybox Packaging
This months box is called Beauty Tales and has products worth over £50. There are two different box designs available, but all contents are the same. I received the Midnight Fantasy box and its beautiful! I keep a lot of my glossy boxes as they are just too pretty to throw away! They are good for keeping small toys in for O and for keeping crafting bits and bobs organised. 
Glossybox contents
The box consists of 5 beauty products, 3 of those being full size and the other 2 are deluxe minis:
1. AHC Essential Real Eye Cream (deluxe mini), worth £8.66 and can be found here.
2. Bubble T Cosmetics Star Dust Foaming Bath Powder (full size), worth £5.99 and can be found here.
3. Luna By Luna Pixie Lipstick (full size), worth £15 and can be found here
4. Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer (deluxe mini), worth £10 and can be found here
5. The Beauty Crop Stargazing Blush Duo (full size), worth £18 and can be found here
In general, I find the Glossbox a bargain and great if your not one for sticking to the same products all the time. I get to try so many different products and can then replace the ones I use up and love, without having to pay full price for them first time round. 
Another blog post coming soon for Blogtober 2020 is some alternative subscription boxes available. So if this isn't your thing, hopefully it will include something better suited to you. 

Love Sophie, MMC x


  1. Love the look of this, the box is beautiful! I get the Birchbox and love getting to try some different products every month x

  2. I used to get a Glossybox a few years ago. They really are worth the money when you see the prices of the individual products included.

  3. I hear so many good things about the Glossy Box but haven't taken the dive myself - I am glad you are enjoying it!

  4. I don't really wear much make up, but I do love the sound of these boxes as a way of dipping you toes in and trying out all sorts of new products. x


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