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Advent Calendars Kid Edition

Back in the day when I was a child, there were only 2 types of advent calendar and we usually had both in our house every year. The advent calendar with a single piece of chocolate for each day, always Dairy milk chocolate was one and the other was a more biblical kind, with a nativity scene and windows with pictures. Since then, advent calendars have rapidly grown more sophisticated and exciting for little ones o help get into the Christmas spirit! 

Here are some of the best kids advent calendars on the market at the moment, the options are endless and this wont event cover half of what is out there, but will hopefully give you an idea or two for your little ones. Or if your a big kid at heart, some might appeal to you too! 

Story Book Advent Calendars

There are a few of these on the market with different price tags, so wanted to show you a few options:

- My Mini Storybook Advent Calendar|The Works|£10

Storybook Advent Calendar

- The Christmas 24 Book Advent Collection|The Works|£24

24 Books Advent
- Mr Men and Little Miss Mini Advent Calendar|Amazon|£14.24

Mr Men Little Miss Books

Toy Advent Calendars

Here are a few options that both boys and girls will love:

- City Vehicles Advent Calendar|John Lewis|£25

City Vehicles Advent

- Dinosaur Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar|Amazon|£19.95

Dinosaur Advent

- Polly Pocket Advent Calendar|Amazon|£18.72

Polly Pocket Advent

- Paw Patrol Advent Calendar|Argos|£20

Paw Patrol Advent

Accessory Advent Calendars

There are some lovely alternatives to the plastic toys, if you are looking for something a little different:

- Smiggle Stationary Advent Calendar|Smiggle|£20


- Playdoh Advent Calendar|Amazon|£15.45

Play-doh Advent

- Disney Collectable Coin Advent Calendar|IWOOT|£29.99

Disney Coin Advent

Traditional Advent Calendars

If you are looking for something more traditional and old fashioned, picture advent calendars do still exist too:

Magical Tree Picture Advent Calendar|John Lewis|£4.99

Magic Tree Advent

Quentin Blake Picture Advent Calendar|Liberty|£9.95

Quentin Blake Advent

The Nutcracker Pop Out Picture Advent Calendar|Tether&Float|£14.50

Nutcracker Pop Out Advent



  1. Wow, it's unbelievable how many there are now!

  2. I remember just having the chocolate calendars and the other without. I feel old. The choice now a days is fantastic!
    My youngest has had the Smiggle one over the last couple of years and she loves it. She's on about getting another this year. I love the look of the Disney Collectable Coin calendar. x

  3. I like the book calendar! I might get one of those!


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