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Egg Box Treasure Chest For Kids

During lockdown I have constantly been trying to find new stuff to keep O busy at home. He doesn't stop all day, hasn't taken regular naps since he was 1.5 years old and he is constantly wanting to start something new! So I definitely have my work cut out, that's for sure! 

A few months ago I made an egg box treasure chest that I shared on Instagram and it was a big hit with O and our followers! We have used it again and again for so many different activities, so I thought I would share how easy it was to make!
Treasure Chest
What you will need:
- Egg Box
- Brown Paint
- Gold Card
- Mirrored/Glittery Card or 3D Gems
- Glue

How to make it:
Start by painting the egg box brown and let it dry. Cut out some gold strips of card and add to the lid of the box, along with the mirrored card, cut into gem shapes. Alternatively, you could use glittery card or 3D gem stickers which would look even cooler! 
I bought a very cute pirate pouch and gem set from amazon, which comes with a pirate pouch, gems and pirate coins and only cost around £3.50, so a great addition. O also collected some small rocks whilst at the park one day, so we brought them home and I painted them gold, they finished off the treasure perfectly.
Water bead play

Ways to play:
This week I set up a treasure hunt with water beads that kept O busy for hours. It’s great to use for pirate role play and as a prop for reading books such as 10 Little Pirates! You could also use the coins for counting and instead of painting all rocks gold, you could use different colour paint for a colour sorting activity.

Love Sophie, MMC x



  1. Ohh! What a fun idea and a great craft too. Things like this would have keep my girls amused for hours when they were younger x


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