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Things To Do Whilst Your Baby Naps

What we should be doing when our babies nap in comparison to what we actually end up doing is entirely different! We don’t use the time wisely and before you know it, they have woken up again. 

Here are some ideas of things to do whilst your baby naps:

Make a hot drink and actually finish it! Chances are it will be your only time to do it all day, so make the most of it!

- Paint your nails. Before having kids, painting my nails was my therapy and now I am a parent I don’t do it half as often as I should. Plus, it just makes you feel 100x better when your nails are on fleek.

- Create a Pinterest account and start pinning! You can find the best ideas and inspiration from Pinterest, my account hasn’t seen much action recently, but I hope to change that soon!

- Start a blog. If you’ve always loved writing, or noted down stories or ideas in a notebook, starting a blog might be good for you.

- Don’t spend the whole time wondering how long they will sleep for. The time will run away with you and you’ll have accomplished nothing and not relaxed at all!

- If you are shattered, nap too. I know its difficult to sleep on demand, but if you have had a particularly bad night (or nights!), it really won’t be very difficult to drift off. Just set an alarm if you are worried about not waking up!

- Do some washing or put some washing away. We all know there is always an endless supply of washing to sort out with a baby. Getting stuff like this done can make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and makes you feel a weird kind of pride! A great feeling, especially in the early days of Motherhood. 

- Make yourself something nice for lunch. We are always so used to grabbing things on the go, eating with one hand whilst feeding, snacking on rubbish. Sometimes it’s really nice if nap time falls around lunchtime to make yourself an extra special, proper lunch.

- Read a book. I wish I did more of this when O was young and still napped twice a day, I would have got through so many books! O will be 3 on Halloween and I have only finished 3 books since the day he was born. Terrible I know…don’t make the same mistake!

 Run a bath.  Get in and relax, whilst listening to the silence that surrounds you. It really is a lovely sound and very rare in our house!

- Catch up on TV. I posted the 6 must watch series for Mums a few days back. Have a look for some inspo.

Sleeeping baby and cup of tea


  1. Fab ideas, I actually remember opening up my pin-interest account when my second child used to nap after playgroup xx

  2. These are great ideas. I don’t have children, but I will keep this in mind when I do.

  3. I remember when my girls were babies. I always had great plans for when they slept but usually just spent the time sitting on my bum watching TV. lol x


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