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How to Celebrate New Years 2021

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I think you will all agree that we are all just about ready to say goodbye to 2020 once and for all! Yet again, this will be another occasion where we will be unable to celebrate with our family and friends like we usually would. But with the kids at home, there is always some fun to be had! So here are some ideas on how to celebrate New Years 2021 at home with your loved ones.

Count down to an earlier hour

Just because it’s a new year come 12 midnight; doesn’t mean you have to keep the kids up for them to celebrate too! Just change the countdown time so everyone can be involved. Let’s face it, our children have been the only magic this year, so it only seems fair they should get to celebrate too! Go for a 12 noon countdown or make it just after dinner, say 6pm, or an hour before bed for them to have some fun and burn off some steam, which will hopefully mean they sleep better too…or here’s hoping anyway! You can find countdown videos on youtube to put on the big screen and have a special family countdown!

Make a time capsule

I know this year has been one we would rather forget, but in the future, this year will go down in history and our children will have lived through it. A lot of them won’t remember the hard times, so why not make them a time capsule for them to take a look at when they are older and when all of this is just a thing of the past. Include some coins, even some notes, get them to draw a photo of themselves and get the paints out and do hand and foot prints too! If you can get hold of a paper too, these are always a good thing to add to see everything that’s going on in our world.

New Year’s Memory Jar

Spend the day thinking of some good memories from the year. It can be the smallest of things, but anything that you remember that made you smile. Write them down, fold them up and put them in a jar. For such a bad year, it would be lovely to have a jar of good times, so we don’t forget it was the year we stayed at home.

Throw a New Year’s Eve Party

Obviously, it won’t be the same without all the guests, but you can still have fun with your other half and whoever else you live with! Get your sequins out, put on a spread, make some cocktails and party like its 1999!

Balloon bouquet countdown

If your kids are old enough to stay up until 12 midnight, label 12 balloons and popping each one on the hour sounds like a fun idea! You could even write a little note when blowing up each balloon with a fun activity to do to pass the time!

Have an early night

I for one don’t personally feel like celebrating the New Year, so an early night sounds rather appealing to me right now! I’ve never been big on New Year’s celebrations. I think I have been to one New Years party in my whole 30 years of living and wouldn’t be too fussed if that’s my only one for life. The hubby always convinces me to stay awake watching the Jools Holland Hootenanny and I do it for him, but this year I think its going to take more than a little persuading to keep me awake...😂

It has been a tough year for everyone and January 1st 2021 can’t come quick enough! The new year is ultimately about forgiving and forgetting, starting a fresh and wiping the slate clean and I think it’s good to let your kids know that too. Our kids have had challenges this year also and the outlook of a new year with a new start is a great way for our kids to begin 2021.

Wishing everyone reading this a Happy New Year in advance!

Love Sophie, MMC x


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