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Ad|Reggie's 30-day Antinol Booster

Reggie has been taking part in the 30-day Antinol Booster Programme with Vetz Petz and it has been such a positive experience, I wanted to write about it and explain how easy the Mobility Screening is, so that your cats and dogs can take part too!  First of all, I'm sure you are all wondering, what is Antinol? Antinol is a 100% natural joint support supplement for cats and dogs, made from sustainably sourced Green Lipped Mussels. Its a fast acting formula which contains PCSO-524 and when taken daily will help your pets to maintain an active and happy lifestyle. Reggie is quite a young dog, so although this product will help in the long run with the wear and tear of joints, I didn't think that I would see quite the results I am sure older dogs will get from this supplement. But I was wrong!  Reg loves the outdoors, but getting him to run about in it, rather than stopping every two minutes to sniff about has proven difficult since we got him. I guess you could say he is lazy in