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Sweater Weather!

I would be totally lying if I told you I didn’t get inspiration for today’s post from Lisa over at Hollybobbs and her latest Sweater Weather Reel! She has quite the collection of jumpers and I’ve been dreaming up a bit of a wish list in my head of some of the nicest and most snuggly jumpers available on the High Street. 

So here are my Sweater Weather top picks! Because let’s face it, you can never have too many jumpers!

Selection of jumpers

From left to right we have...

Pure Cotton Printed Crew Neck in Ivory Mix|Marks and Spencer|£25

Khaki Slouchy Roll Neck|New Look|£22.99

Leopard Colour Block Sweat|Boohoo|£17.60

Hotdog Miranda Knitted|Joules|£59.95

From left to right we have...

Colourblock Drawstring Hooded Teddy|Shein|£12.99

Pink Oversized Colour Block|Pretty Little Thing|£18

Grey Cable-knit|H&M|£29.99

Ziggy Metallic Gold Lightning Bolt|Joanie|£45

What one is your favourite? Now to convince the Husband to treat me to a few for my birthday in a couple of weeks’ time!

Love Sophie, MMC x



  1. You’re killing it-I’m loving all the winter fashion inspo x

  2. Ohh! I do love a jumper. Especially a big cosy woolly one. I do like the grey one x

  3. The grey cable knit is awesome from H&M ❤️

  4. These are so cute! I love mustard yellow jumpers at the moment.

  5. Loving the jumper choices, I have a little boy who's name means lightning so it would have to be that one.


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